Find A Business Idea with These 4 Questions

How to find business idea
How to find business idea

Sometimes, thinking about an idea for business is so hard. When you got the idea, you have to think that is that a good business to run, how about the market, how can you compete with other competitors, and etc.

If you think that your business idea is an elusive one, just ask yourself these questions:

What are you good at?

Think what are you good at. If you taking something you’re already good or best at and you’re able to do that in a business, you will enjoy doing it. For example, if you are good at cooking Asian food, you can make a catering or a restaurant.

What others tell you that you’re good at?

How to find business idea
How to find business idea

If you can’t identify what are you good at, maybe you can ask someone who knows you a lot. Maybe you have a hidden talent that others can see. If you can develop your skill as good as you can, then you can run a business as well.

What problem needs a solution?

Find a problem that bothers you a lot. Maybe you find it irritating when someone else’s sneaker is so dirty when rain comes. You can open a sneaker laundry as a new and profitable business idea.

Are your ideas actually good?

Ask a group of people about your new idea. Is that good enough to implement or not? From asking them, you can get a range of input from different personalities and get a better idea if they think your idea is not enough.

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